Flying Upload Kindle Direct Publishing KDP Automation Review

If you want to maximize your profit from your Print On Demand (POD) designs you need to upload the same designs to multiple sites. To make even more money you also want to think about using the designs in other mediums than t-shirts and hoodies. One often overlooked place to upload your designs is POD … Read more

Kindle Spy (KDSpy) Review

I will start this off by saying that Kindle Spy (also known as KDSpy) has made my life a lot easier when doing keyword research for my books. It works in Firefox and Chrome (and PC and Mac). Keyword Research used to take me hours but with this tool, it now takes me about 30 … Read more

Kindle Publishing: The Importance Of Setting Realistic Goals

Digital Nomad

I’ve been doing Kindle Publishing for about two years at this point. I feel that I have the system down pretty well for growing my income from self-publishing and other types of online business. I’m also able to see mistakes that new publishers make who buy a course, join the community and start posting in the … Read more

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