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Book Report
Book Report

Please note, I am not getting paid to promote this app. I just find it so useful that I want other Kindle Publishers to find and use it because I estimate it saves me about 30-50 hours of work trawling through the Kindle Direct Publishing dashboard each year.


So What is Book Report?

From The Site:

With one click, transform the KDP Sales Dashboard into something incredibly useful.

As an author, you know the frustration of Amazon’s sales data presentation and the inconvenience of having to use spreadsheets to monitor your sales performance. Do you ever wish for a solution that would incorporate directly with your existing KDP dashboard and give you beautifully presented, easily digested, up-to-the-minute data?

Book Report is the answer.

It’s packed with features, but the important thing is this: you get the data you need to see if you want to work smart. Find out instantly which books are selling and which are flopping. Find out which of your pen names are the best earners. The business side of writing just got way easier. Now you can focus on the fun part: writing new books!

Book Report Sales Dashboard
Book Report Sales Dashboard

How Does Book Report Cost?

The app is free for the first 2 weeks. If you are earning under $1000 per month it will continue to be free after the 2-week trial. Once you are earning over $1000 it will cost $10 per month. But it is worth it for the information it gives you.

However, as a business owner, you can claim that $10 a month back as a business expense. So you really have no reason not to use it.

How Will It Help Your Kindle Business?

It will save you hours every month. I use it literally every day. It will help you to see how your books are selling, which are making you the most money and which are making no money at all. You can also see how much money each book has made you in a set amount of times (say three months). This is really good as you can which books perform the best over a long period of time. It also splits up the income from sales and KEMP so you can see which books get loads of pages read. You may have some books that do not sell many copies but have thousands of pages read every month. It will also show you what you 6 best selling books are at the top of the app for the period of time you’ve specified.

I use this app every day and so should you if you run a kindle publishing business.

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