Google Shopping – Limited By Daily Budget. What To Do?

Here is a question I recently recived regarding Shopify and Google Ads/Google Shopping: I was successfully running shipping campaign with $50 daily budget and everything was perfect. I increased the budget to $80 and now it is saying “Limited by daily budget” and it does not spend at all. What should I do? Thank you! … Read more

Google Shopping Campaign Not Spending Full Budget – What To Do?

I recently came across this question and thought my reply would be helpful to those of you who have a Shopify store running Google Ads/Google Shopping to get sales. I’m currently running a Google shopping campaign testing 5 products at a $10/day budget with $0.7 bid. It’s been 4 days and it’s not even spending … Read more

How to tell a good Print On Demand design from a bad POD design

How can you tell a good Print On Demand design from a bad one? A really good design can bring in $50,000-$100,000 in sales if marketed well whereas a bad design can bring in $0. No matter how good your marketing skills are a bad design will not sell well if it all. In eCommerce … Read more

Konversion Theme Review

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A lot of you who read this blog know that as well as making money from Kindle Publishing I also make money from Print On Demand (POD) and Dropshipping. A few of you have been asking which theme I recommend for POD & Dropshipping stores running on Shopify? My answer is always Konversion Theme. Why … Read more

Facebook Automated Comment Moderation – Avoiding Negative Comments On Your Facebook Fan Page

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Let’s paint the picture here. You have a Facebook Ad that’s getting a lot of comments and engagement. That’s great, you got the targeting right. Let’s say sales start coming in, and we start scaling the ad. Now you’re showing it to thousands of people every day. Let’s say you’re getting 50, 100, or 200 … Read more