Konversion Theme Review

A lot of you who read this blog know that as well as making money from Kindle Publishing I also make money from Print On Demand (POD) and Dropshipping. A few of you have been asking which theme I recommend for POD & Dropshipping stores running on Shopify? My answer is always Konversion Theme.

Why Konversion Theme?

A store running Konversion Theme

So you might now be wondering why I recommend this theme? Well, it’s because switching to this theme from a plain free Shopify theme made my conversion rate from paid traffic (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc) jump from 1% to 2.9 – 4% on a given day! With an average order value (AOV) of $30 that can be an extra $90+ of revenue per day. Imagine making almost an extra hundred dollars per day without having to do any extra work or more importantly spend more money on ads. How different would your bottom line look?

Konversion Theme conversion rate screenshot 1
A conversion rate of 3.24% (Note: This is also including free traffic from Instagram and Facebook Pages and organic traffic from Google, So paid conversion is probably closer to 4.24%)
Konversion Theme conversion rate screenshot 2
Google Shopping Ads Campaign conversion rate of 4.44%. With a cost per conversion of £1.99 per purchase, and a conversion value per cost of 18.33. Conversion Value Per Cost is the Google Ads name for ROAS (Return On Ad Spend).

So as you can see switching from a free theme to a paid theme that specifically focuses on maximising conversions really made a big difference to the number of orders I was getting through my Shopify store.

What Else?

Konversion Theme is built from the ground up to primarily focus on mobile-first because 90% of your orders will be from mobile devices and tablets with the final 10% coming from Desktops and Laptops.

An example store using Konversion Theme (on an iPhone)

It also has features that can help you further increase your conversion rate such as Custom CTAs (Call To Action) e.g “Buy Now”, “Add To Basket”, “Add To Cart”, etc. You can also make other tweaks on your product pages to help to get more sales.

This can help you get a bigger increase in your conversion rate and more bang for your buck. For the record, I haven’t gotten around doing this yet but I plan to in the future to see if I can raise my conversion rate from paid traffic to 5%!!!


I’ve also noticed that the amount of organic sales I’ve gotten from Google has gone up since I switched to this theme. I assume this is because the makers of the theme also kept SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) in mind when coding this theme to help sites that use it rank higher in Google for long-tail keywords.

Conclusion & TLDR

So what’s the TDLR (To Long Didn’t Read) to this article do I recommend Konversion Theme? Yes, because it took my conversion rate from 1% to 3-4% on a given day. This made me a lot more money without having to do any more work than what I was already doing or having to spend any extra money on Google and Facebook ads.

Check out Konversion Theme if you want to increase your conversion rate and take your store to the next level by clicking here.

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below and I will do my best to answer them for you.

Thanks for reading!


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