Flying Upload Kindle Direct Publishing KDP Automation Review

If you want to maximize your profit from your Print On Demand (POD) designs you need to upload the same designs to multiple sites. To make even more money you also want to think about using the designs in other mediums than t-shirts and hoodies. One often overlooked place to upload your designs is POD books specifically Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing or KDP for short.

Flying Upload KDP Interface

Kindle Direct Publishing allows anyone to publish a book on Amazon as a digital ebook. It also allows that ebook to be turned into a paperback book which is printed to order. This is where our POD designs come in. We can upload our designs as covers to low-content books such as sketchbooks, notebooks, or journals to help to make as much money as possible from each design.

This means not only can your POD design be a t-shirt, hoodie, mug, blanket, and phone case but it can also now be multiple low-content books.

What is a Low Content Book (LCB)?

A low-content book is exactly what it says a book without a lot of content. Some examples of LCBs are journals, logbooks, meal planners, day planners, etc. So it is a book with little contact inside it in which the owner is supposed to fill it out themselves. The good thing about low-contact books is you can reuse the same interior for multiple books, so say you have 10 golf designs that you’ve put on t-shirts you can make one interior for a golf scorekeeper/logbook and use that one interior to create 10 books on Amazon (one for each design).

What Kinds of Low Content Books Can You Publish?

There is an almost limitless number of low-content book ideas that you could publish but here are a few that I’ve done:

  • Notebook
  • Journal
  • Planner
  • Gratitude Journal
  • Coloring Book (& Adult Coloring Book)
  • Workout Journal
  • Soduku Puzzle Book
  • Sketchbook

So as you can see you can potentially take one POD design and add it to multiple books in different niches to maximize your profits!

How does the software work?

You start by downloading and editing a spreadsheet (using Excel or Google Sheets). You’ll need to fill out the information like title, subtitle, categories, keywords, and author. You’ll also need to add a link to where the image is on your hard drive so the software can create your cover before uploading it to Amazon.

An example excel file

Once the form has been filled out you can import it into the software. Now you can trademark check each product, I strongly recommend doing this as you do not want to infringe trademarks! Once that is done click the start button and Flying upload will start to upload your LCBs in the background. It runs on a modified version of Google Chrome called Chromium that can be used to automate tasks. I normally start this going and then do some work in another window.

Free Uploads

One really cool thing about this product is the developers currently allow you to upload 100 books per month for free to try it out, and if you like it and want to upload more you can pay the monthly fee to get more.

Book Report tells me I have 1628 books in my main Kindle Direct Publishing account. About 1550 of these are low-content books, most of which have been uploaded using Flying Upload. I’d never have been able to add this many books without some form of automation.

Once you have finished filling out the Excel sheet you can open Flying Upload select the excel sheet you’ve just created and load it into the software. The first thing I like to do is run through each design to ensure the full image is visible on the chosen background on which the design will be printed on (it’s defaulted to black). If you cannot see the design on a dark background I change the background to something lighter instead. Then I run a trademark check on each design, this checks the title, subtitle, description, and keywords for any potential trademark infringement. If any appear I amend/ remove that product. Once that’s done I hit the upload button.

It usually takes about 30 minutes to upload 10 low-content books and then wait for them to be processed by Amazon before approving them. All this is done by the software so I don’t have to touch anything. I’m usually doing some other work in another browser window while this is running in the background. Which is awesome!


In conclusion, this software is a great time saver for me. Like I’ve said above it can be running in the background while I’m busy doing other work or playing a game. It used to take me over an hour to upload 10 books manually now it does them automatically all I have to do is fill out an excel sheet and click go. I would recommend this software to anyone who wants to take their print on demand business to the next level.

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