Do I Use Book Submission Websites?

The short answer is No.

If that is all you wanted to know then you don’t need to read on. If you want to know why I do not use book submission websites then read why below.

The main reason that I do not use any book submission websites is because I do not see any noticeable boost to the number of downloads that my books get when they are on a free promotion. I tried paying a VA on to submit to the top 15 book promotion sites and saw no improvement in the number of downloads that I got. Then earlier this year I bought some software that did it automatically but again I saw no noticeable improvement in the number of downloads my books got. I used it for three months and then cancelled my subscription as I saw zero improvements.

The main problem with using book submission websites it that most of them require that the book is submitted 7 days before the promotion starts. This slows everything down for no noticeable difference in the number of downloads I received.

For example, I published a fiction book about 7 months ago and put in on free promotion. During this free promotion I submitted to the top 15 book directories using a Fiverr gig, had my book featured on a prominent blog that showcases free kindle books (another Fiverr gig) and also submitted my book to the top 30 book promotion Facebook groups twice manually. Through all this work I got 1200 free downloads in 5 days. Once the book came off free promo guess how many paid downloads I got? Zero.

Luca De Stefani also recently posted a video saying the same thing. Luca was on the same Kindle Publishing course that I took ( and we were both in the same private Facebook group so I know first hand that he definitely knows what he is talking about.

The long answer is – Don’t waste your money in the beginning. Save your money and spend it on more books or a better cover… things that will actually make you more money. When you are making over $5,000 a month you can start using social media to try and boost sales.

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