Why Did I Start This Blog?

You might be wondering why I started this blog and my reasons for doing it. The truth is there are a few different reasons.

To Help Out Others Who Hate Their Jobs

I wanted to show other people who don’t like their job or working for someone else that there is a way out. There is nothing more depressing than disliking what you do for a living and having the thought that you have to do it for another 40 years until retirement before you can stop doing it.

Being real there are a lot of fake gurus out there and it can be difficult to know who is telling the truth. I hope by showing my numbers and being honest about my daily struggles you can see that running an online business is possible for everyone and you do not have to be special to be able to start one (at school I was middle of the road at every subject).

To Show That You Don’t Have To Work A Lot Of Extra Hours Every Week

I managed to grow my own business into a full time income in about 15 months working an extra 5 hours a week. Would I have been able to do it a lot faster if I’d been willing to work an extra 20-30 hours a week instead? Of course! But I also wanted to have a life and you know, not burn out from exhaustion.

I want to be clear the 5 hours a week I was working on my business was doing tasks that directly related to making me more money. It was laser focused work. It wasn’t wasting time on Facebook and Twitter. I want to prove to you that it is possible to grow a successful business working only a handful of hours every week. It will just take longer. It took me about 15 months. As long as you are ok with that then great.

To Keep Myself Accountable

Once your business is making a certain amount of money per month it is really easy to lose motivation to do any work. I thought that if other people read my goals it would help to keep me accountable and making progress towards my goals. So that’s why I publish a monthly income report. I do it in part to prove that I actually practise what I preach but more importantly it is for the accountability. If I publicly say I’m going to reach a certain goal and then do not do it I will look like a failure. I hope that this extra accountability will stop me from procrastinating.

To Show That You Don’t Have To Be Perfect

This is a big one for me. So many Internet Marketers act like they are super motivated every day and never struggle with anything. This is simply not true. I hope by showing you things that I struggle with it will show you that you do not have to be perfect to be successful.

Hopefully that explains why I decided to start this blog. Thanks for reading.

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