Kindle Publishing – What Day Should I Start My Free Book Promotion?

You’ve recently discovered Kindle Publishing and just published your first book. But what day do you start your free promotion to get the most free downloads of you new book?

Conventional wisdom says that you need to start it on a Sunday and run it through to Thursday. I’ve heard prominent people in the Kindle Publishing community such as Stefan and Andreas Pylarinos (among others) say this. But does it actually hold true?

For the first 12 months of my Kindle Publishing journey I only did this. More recently however I’ve started to experiment because I had an epiphany while out walking my dog Bruno. I thought “If everyone is starting their free promos on a Sunday there will be more competition for free downloads on a Sunday“.

The conventional wisdom is sound that Sunday is the best day to be a Kindle Publisher as most people are bored on a Sunday as it is typically a rest day so you will sell more books. You will also get more free downloads of your book on this day as more customers are using their kindle device or looking at Amazon.

So I have started to experiment by starting my free book promotions on a Wednesday instead so that they will finish on Sunday. I’ve done this for the last 4 weeks and so far I have not seen any noticeable difference in the amount of downloads I get. I’m going to try starting promotions on a Tuesday and Monday next. But from what I have seen so far it doesn’t seem to make any difference what day you start your books free promotion on as in the end you will still get the same amount of downloads.

The point to take away from this article is: don’t take everything at face value. When you are new to Kindle Publishing follow the advice that is out there in Youtube videos, blog posts and podcasts. But once you have experience don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment to see what happens.

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