Kindle Spy (KDSpy) Review

I will start this off by saying that Kindle Spy (also known as KDSpy) has made my life a lot easier when doing keyword research for my books. It works in Firefox and Chrome (and PC and Mac). Keyword Research used to take me hours but with this tool, it now takes me about 30 minutes a month max.

Kindle Spy (KDSpy) Review

What Kindle Spy does is download the sales data of the first 20 books for a particular keyword (or category) so you can see at a glance if the keyword is profitable or not. As you can see in the below screenshot, publishing a book in nutrition would be very profitable. KDSpy will also display the number of pages, the price, estimated sales, monthly revenue, number of reviews and finally the sales rank. What you want to look at is if a book has a sales rank of around 100,000 the book will get about 1 sale a day. If the book is priced at $2.99 this means that the book will make the author between $60 and $100 per month. The lower the sales rank gets, the more money you make. The monthly revenue is based on the estimated sales multiplied by the price.

kindle-spy KDSpy also uses a traffic light system to give the user an overview of how easy it would be to make money with a keyword. The three metrics are Competition, Potential, and Popularity. If the three lights are green then you may want to consider publishing a book for that keyword. However, if they are all red then you may want to stay away from that keyword as there is too much competition. This is just a guide, when you get more experience with Kindle Publishing you will start to use your instincts more.

Kindle Spy also has a Keyword Analysis tool which uses a similar traffic light system. On this tab, you will some similar information from before sales rank, reviews, etc. But also we have KWT and KWD, they stand for Keyword in Title and Keyword In Description. This will tell you if the books in the top 20 are using the Keyword in title and description. If they aren’t this will make it easy for you to rank above them with a few reviews.


Kindle Spy also has something called the Word Cloud. What this does is take the titles from the top 20 books and analyse them to see what words are used most frequently. You will want to use this feature to help to create your book title using some of the most popular words. So using the example below our title could be – Dog Training: A How-To Training Guide For Your Dogs. The idea is to make the title as catchy as possible while at the same time trying to use as many of popular words as you can.

Kindle Spy

But Does It Help?

Ten minutes after starting KDSpy for the first time I was able to find five really profitable keywords for new books. This meant that it helped by saving me time but also helped me find new keywords that I probably wouldn’t have found otherwise. This meant that I was able to make the money that I paid out for Kindle Spy back from the first couple of books I released after purchasing the software.


I’m glad I decided to buy KDSpy/Kindle Spy as it has made me more money, but what is more important to me, it has saved me hours doing manual keyword research. I used to hate having to do keyword research because it was a slow and boring process. Buy now I can have a months worth of keyword research done in 10-30 minutes. That time saved to me is priceless.

Rating: 9/10.

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