How to tell a good Print On Demand design from a bad POD design

How can you tell a good Print On Demand design from a bad one? A really good design can bring in $50,000-$100,000 in sales if marketed well whereas a bad design can bring in $0. No matter how good your marketing skills are a bad design will not sell well if it all. In eCommerce a good product should always be your primary concern when trying to sell something online. A really good product will almost sell itself with minimal amount of marketing for you.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you why this is an unintentionally hilarious design!

Firstly you need to try and get inside your niche (Cat lovers, Dog lovers, and Golf are all niches). Who are you niche? Are they predominantly men or women? How old are they? You’re not going to find many 19 year olds who play gold on a regular basis for example. Also keep in mind that people 30+ tend to have more disposable income than someone who is 18-20. Once you’ve figured out who your targeted demographic is you need to really live in the niche. Look at facebook group, subreddits on Reddit, and forums.

What are the inside jokes? What are the color schemes or similar websites in that niche? Would these color schemes need to apply for shirts as well? Let’s look at the golf niche for example. The golf niche will predominantly consists men aged 35-60 who have typically a good job so a decent amount of disposable income. Websites in this niche tend to have lots of green and white as a color scheme along with some blue as well.

Some Good Examples Of POD Shirts In The Golf Niche

The above shirt is obviously a Birthday/Fathers day present for Dads who love golf. What I like about this design is it incorporates that main colors of the golf niche (white & green) and also has an image of a ball and golf tee. Most importantly the design looks very professional and clean.

This is a really funny design that is a parody on the evolution of man. This design will be very popular with golf players as the design is very clean and professional and also funny at the same time. I could see a golf store selling this design easily sell 100+ of this design per month consistently.

This design another design that would sell really well on a golf focused niche store. It’s a very simple design and is focused on people who play golf and like drinking beer (probably about 90% of people who golf). I could see this design selling about 50+ per month without much promotion.

Now Some Bad Examples Of POD Golf Shirts

I’m trying to be as nice as I can with this shirt. It looks like it was designed in Microsoft Powerpoint. The gradients on the text are extremely dated. That gradient on the text also won’t look great when printed onto a shirt. There’s a white outline around the text which also made the design look very dated.

The slogan is really funny but the design looks kind of cheap so I doubt it sells very well. In fact I looked on a store selling it and it has 0 reviews so I doubt it has any sales whatsoever. Can you see how this design doesn’t look as professional and clean as the shirts above?


Hopefully you can now see what makes a good shirt design that people actually want to buy. If you have any questions please ask them in the comments below and I will do my best to answer them.

Thanks for reading cheers!


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