How To Create A Perma-Free Book On Amazon?

I’ve noticed a lot of people on Facebook groups have been asking how to make a Kindle book permanently free. Presumably this is to use the free book for lead generation to get the reader onto an email list and not for making money (at least not from the sale of the book):

  1. Publish the book on Amazon, but don’t sign up for KDP Select. Set the price to $0.99.
  2. Publish the same book on SmashWords. (Tutorial here)
  3. Set the price to free on SmashWords.
  4. Once the book is published on both Amazon and SmashWords, tell Amazon that it’s free on SmashWords, Barnes & Noble or other websites. Do this through the link that Amazon provides in your book’s description.
  5. Ask a few friends to use this link and inform Amazon about the price change.
  6. Wait a few weeks or sometimes a few months before this price change takes hold.

Right now you have to “trick” Amazon in order to list a book for free. So, it’s not 100% reliable all the time. All you can do is follow these steps and try to be patient as you wait for Amazon to drop the price to $0.00.

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